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Kaylee’s Heart…Stories of our Clients

on June 9, 2011

It was only after we finished shopping for her three small children that
Michelle told me about her 4 year-old daughter’s heart condition. Last
year, they discovered that Kaylee, her young daughter, would have to
undergo a heart transplant. Having lost her job, all of the medical bills
forced the family to become homeless. Now homeless, the doctors are
telling Michelle that they are unable to put Kaylee on the transplant list
until she finds a stable home. While shopping, Michelle focused on
work-related clothing for herself, determined to get a job and provide
that stable home for her family so that Kaylee can receive a new heart and
have a normal childhood.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, children in poverty are 3.6 times more likely than nonpoor children to have poor health. When you support A Precious Child you help low-income children and families cope with the chronic stress associated with stuggling to meet daily subsistence needs. A Precious Child acts as an ongoing support network which helps mitigate the effects of stress by providing life’s most basic essentials such as clothing, shoes, coats, diapers and school supplies, free of charge to children and families in need.


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