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Homerun for Jeffrey

on June 22, 2011

Being the oldest of six children and having two parents that are
unemployed, Jeffrey was accustomed to sacrificing some of the things he
enjoyed for the betterment of his family.
When Jeffrey expressed to his dad that he wanted to be a catcher on the
local baseball team this year, his dad was concerned that they would be
unable to afford the expensive catching gear and registration fees.
Jeffrey’s dad soon realized that he was able to sign up as a coach to have
the registration fees waived. However, this now meant that not only would
they have to buy Jeffrey gear; they now needed coaching supplies as well.
When Jeffrey’s dad and younger siblings came into A Precious Child they
were overcome with joy when they found our Give Sports section. Not only
were they able to get catching gear for Jeffrey, they also found “coaching
kits” that were donated by Dick’s Sporting Goods, complete with balls,
bags, and line-up sheets,  for his dad.  As they were picking out
catcher’s helmets, a very excited Jeffrey exclaimed, “I don’t have to
borrow my team’s equipment anymore, I can actually bring my own!”  The
pride and confidence Jeffrey exuded from being able to bring his own
equipment to his games was shown by the large smile on his face.


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