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Feedback from the 2010 Fill-A-Backpack Program

on July 18, 2011

A Precious Child surveyed the schools and organizations that participated in our 2010 Fill-A-Backpack program. Below are a few comments on how A Precious Child’s backpacks and school supplies impacted the children who received them.

  • Many of our children talk often about how much they love their back packs and for some, this is their first new backpack. They use the materials often to complete program activities.
  • We had a huge resource and school supply give away. It was a big success. A lot of our students are very needy. It was great to see them so happy walking away with their new back packs.
  • We had a new Asian family come in to register with several elementary aged students and one middle school child. They spoke of not being able to afford supplies on the list and wondering if they could just bring pencils and paper. We had just received all of the beautiful backpacks earlier that day (maybe a sign??) so we took them across the hall and opened the door. It is hard to express the looks of joy on their faces when we told them they could pick out a backpack for each of them, including the middle school daughter, to take with them. Because of A Precious Child, we were able to provide supplies and a backpack for several children from the same family and make their day (and year!). Thank you!
  • It took one family three weeks to move from Louisiana to Colorado, arriving after the school year had started. They had many pressing financial needs and were extremely grateful for the backpack from A Precious Child.
  • A Precious Child made many students very happy! They loved their new backpack and supplies!
  • Students stood tall with shoulders back and very proud of their backpacks.
  • Almost all of our children come into our program with the clothes on their backs and nothing else from their homes. Your backpack is almost always the first back pack of their own that they were able to keep and take with them. Most poverty stricken children are not able to start school with the tools they need and experience shame and embarrassment. Your program starts the first day of the year off with pride and excitement for them.
  • Child was very happy!
  • Students in need were so excited to receive the backpack and supplies!! It lessened anxiety and made them excited about starting school.

 A Precious Child is grateful to the community for making our Fill-A-Backpack program possible!!!


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