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A Different World

on August 15, 2011

Looking back at the times I would go back-to-school shopping, I can’t help but smile.  I
always enjoyed the smell of fresh binders and notebooks, picking out new
pencils and pens, and choosing a new backpack for the year.  The beginning of each school year provided a
sense of starting over, being able to set and accomplish new goals, make new
friends, and participate in new activities.
It’s a sense of not knowing, but excitement for what’s to come.

However, seeing the world from my perspective—is not the
same for all.  Many children cannot
prepare for back-to-school items such as clothes and supplies.  They aren’t excited for the first day of
school to meet new people or learn.  They
are stuck having to use recycled items from the year before, or go to school
with nothing at all.  It’s like being
backed into a corner, surrounded by bullies, and there’s no way to get out
without a few scrapes and bruises.  As a
student your image is degraded to “poor” or “unworthy,” you’re no longer
accepted in the group of friends you once associated or played with because you
wear the same clothes day after day.

Working at A Precious Child you get to see the smile on a
child’s face after picking out a new wardrobe or receiving a backpack filled
with school supplies.  It’s a great
feeling to see a smile on a child’s face after choosing their own clothes or
receiving a backpack.  To know you are
part of the reason for that child’s smile is even better.  The work that A Precious Child accomplishes
entices you to help out and join the cause.
I am absolutely happy to be a part of A Precious Child and am excited to
have received this wonderful opportunity.


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