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A Thank You from a Foster Mom and Her New 5 Year Old Little Girl

on October 5, 2011




Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am a first time, single parent foster mom.  My daughter arrived in my home in July with
the clothes on her back and a stuffed dinosaur.  Wow!  What a
change in my life to go from single and not tied down to anything and then in
the span of 30 minutes, to being somebody’s mom.  I now have to think
about the needs of a 5 year old well before I think about my own needs.
While the county helped some with a clothing allowance, I found that I
used it up quickly on the essentials of underwear, socks, shoes, and
clothing appropriate to 90 degree days. I  teach full time, so I am well aware
how important it is to send kids to school dressed properly and prepared for
class.  It is never OK to send a foster child to school looking like a
foster child.  They deserve the dignity of attending school looking like
everyone else.  They certainly don’t need to stand out because of the
things they don’t have–foster children have seen enough trauma. My child
is a blessing, she is wonderful, and I am thankful to have her.  It is
amazing being her new mom (however temporary that it might be). Of course I
want to give her the moon–unfortunately it isn’t quite financially feasible.  I
didn’t really have a plan as to what I would do to clothe her as the weather
began to cool.  I didn’t really have any spare cash to buy an entire
winter wardrobe.  To say that the budget is tight is a little bit of an


I recently visited your location at the strong urging of one of
your board members.  I was a little hesitant because I don’t live in Broomfield so I didn’t think you would help me and
because I am not really so good at asking for help in the first place.  I
finally decided to go, mostly because I felt it would be disrespectful to my
friend and your board member if I didn’t try out A Precious Child.  Once I
was there, I nearly chickened out and left before I even walked in but I didn’t
know what I’d tell Nancy if I left.  So I went in.  It was nothing
like I expected.  I was moved to my core by the kindness of your staff,
the dignity I was treated with, and the generous help that I received
while there.  My daughter and I were encouraged to have fun, we were encouraged
to make this a positive experience, and we were made to feel very special.
My daughter was over the moon with the selections that she picked out for
herself–she spent half the time she was there kissing her new clothes and
giggling like a silly person.  She loves everything she got and loves
having a choice about what to wear to school.  She has spent most of this
week trying to convince me that it really is cool enough to wear her new
sweaters.  I cannot begin to explain to you what 10 long sleeved
shirts/sweaters and a winter coat did to help us out.  It also gave me a
chance to talk with my daughter about helping out others in need.  I am
thankful beyond words so I will end this the same way I started.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.





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