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A Precious Child’s Flood Relief Efforts

We all rustled through our closets to pull out our raincoats and dust off our rain bootsImage to face rain last week. We’re glad for the dry weather this week and welcome the sunshine with open arms. For many, the rain was more than just a nuisance to travel to work and run errands in, but was a devastation to their home and businesses within their community. Although the rainstorms have come to an end, the reconstruction of damaged roads, buildings, and other establishments has only just begun. A Precious Child saw this as an opportunity for our volunteers to lend a helping hand in any way possible. We sent out a plea to our A Precious Child family for donations to support the victims of the flood. We collected donations of funds and goods and dropped off pillows, blankets, and board games to the Boulder YMCA, one of the Red Cross shelters. We also setup a table alongside Red Cross, Salvation Army, FEMA, and other organizations to distribute vouchers, which allowed families affected by the flood to get needed supplies from our resource center. The response we have received from our community members has been uplifting in this troubling time. With continued support and time, we will not only rebuild what we have lost, but also become a stronger and more connected community. Until then, it is safe to say that we all hope for sunnier weather in the weeks to come!  

Interested in volunteering?  Go to http://www.APreciousChild.org or email Emily@APreciousChild.org to learn more about how you can help! 

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Inaugural Jessica Redfield Ghawi giveSPORTS Drive a success!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made Jessica’s dream a reality on Saturday, September 8, at the Pepsi Center!  Because of our generous and supportive community, more than 25,000 new and gently used pieces of sports equipment and $11,000 in cash donations were received at the Inaugural Jessica Redfield Ghawi giveSPORTS Equipment Drive!  The sports equipment will be donated to wildfire victims in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.  In addition to everyone that donated sports equipment, we are very appreciative of all the volunteers that gave up their Saturday morning for a very important cause!  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Another very special thank you to Jessica’s family, Jay Meloff, Kroenke Sports Charities and the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth and Altitude Sports and Entertainment! This includes Deb Dowling, Shelly Harper, Kenneth Faried, Evan Fournier, Quincy Miller, Anthony Randolph, Julyan Stone, Masai Ujiri, Mark Randall, Ervin Johnson, Walter Davis, SuperMascot Rocky and Nuggets Dance Team, Jean Sebastien-Giguere, Jan Hejda, Jamie Shewchuk, Peter McNab, Mike Haynes, Todd Romero, Brian Engblom, Kyle Keefe, Julie Browman, Mark Moser, and so many more!ImageImage

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Fill A Backpack

With 35 volunteers, Hitachi helped us fill 976 backpacks last Saturday. With the ample need of school supplies for children in the six counties we serve, we
would love your help with donations, so we can reach our goal of filling 1,500
more backpacks. Unfortunately our funds will not allow for us to buy any more
school supplies, so we are counting on the community to lend a helping hand so that these kiddos are able to start out the school year on the right foot,
equipped with a backpack full of school supplies every child needs. With just a
$50 donation you can help fill one backpack. Please consider how much of an
impact your generosity can have on providing a child with the essentials they
need to excel and strive in school.

These two adorable girls were gracious enough to donate two backpacks filled with supplies for kids their age who are in need.

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Summer is here at A Precious Child!

We  just finished our 4th annual Golf for A Precious Child Tournament at Legacy Ridge Golf Course.  After a nice sunny day on the golf course with the Broncos Cheerleaders and Miss Colorado and with the generosity of the golfers, we were able to raise over $50,000 for disadvantaged and displaced children and families of A Precious Child.  We would like to again thank all of our sponsors and participants for their help in making our 4th Annual Golf for A Precious Child Tournament the most successful yet.

Our  Fill A Backpack program is here!  This program helps to supply children in need with school supplies and backpacks before school starts so that they can go to school on the first day feeling proud and prepared.  Bins have been distributed to over 70 locations where school supplies can be donated.  The drive started on July 1st and runs until August 3rd.  We are looking for volunteers to help supply items or help fill the backpacks, so feel free to come help us get kids ready for their first day at school!

Families are so grateful for the help that they receive from A Precious Child.  Every donation and volunteer make a huge difference to the community of families who have been displaced or disadvantaged.  We have been told by many of the families that we help that when they thought that they lost all hope.   A Precious Child was able to give them a light at the end of the tunnel knowing again that they could provide for their family.

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3rd Annual Bowl for A Precious Child

It’s that time of year again! 

Join the fun at our 3rd Annual Bowl for A Precious Child-Fire vs Police Tournament at Chipper’s Lanes 100 Nickel Street in Broomfield. You can join either a fire or police team. North Metro Fire Rescue District is planning on coming on strong as Broomfield Police Department have taken the victory two years in a row. Please sign up to bowl to support your favorite team.

There will be a total of 24 teams consisting of five players, one bowler from the fire or police department and four players from the community that register to bowl.  The cost is $30 to bowl when you register by April 6th.  After April 6th the cost is $40 per person. Check-in and lane assignment will begin at 3:00 pm. There is a spectator fee of $10 per person or $35 for a family of four to dine and watch the tournament. Food will be provided courtesy of Marco’s Pizza in Northglenn and local restaurants. Participants may sign up by calling A Precious Child at 303-466-4272 or online at www.apreciouschild.org. Sponsorship opportunities are still available!

All proceeds go to A Precious Child, a nonprofit organization which provides clothing, shoes, school supplies, sports equipment and basic essentials to disadvantaged children in the North Metro community.

Register now and you could be a child’s hero!

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A Thank You from a Foster Mom and Her New 5 Year Old Little Girl




Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am a first time, single parent foster mom.  My daughter arrived in my home in July with
the clothes on her back and a stuffed dinosaur.  Wow!  What a
change in my life to go from single and not tied down to anything and then in
the span of 30 minutes, to being somebody’s mom.  I now have to think
about the needs of a 5 year old well before I think about my own needs.
While the county helped some with a clothing allowance, I found that I
used it up quickly on the essentials of underwear, socks, shoes, and
clothing appropriate to 90 degree days. I  teach full time, so I am well aware
how important it is to send kids to school dressed properly and prepared for
class.  It is never OK to send a foster child to school looking like a
foster child.  They deserve the dignity of attending school looking like
everyone else.  They certainly don’t need to stand out because of the
things they don’t have–foster children have seen enough trauma. My child
is a blessing, she is wonderful, and I am thankful to have her.  It is
amazing being her new mom (however temporary that it might be). Of course I
want to give her the moon–unfortunately it isn’t quite financially feasible.  I
didn’t really have a plan as to what I would do to clothe her as the weather
began to cool.  I didn’t really have any spare cash to buy an entire
winter wardrobe.  To say that the budget is tight is a little bit of an


I recently visited your location at the strong urging of one of
your board members.  I was a little hesitant because I don’t live in Broomfield so I didn’t think you would help me and
because I am not really so good at asking for help in the first place.  I
finally decided to go, mostly because I felt it would be disrespectful to my
friend and your board member if I didn’t try out A Precious Child.  Once I
was there, I nearly chickened out and left before I even walked in but I didn’t
know what I’d tell Nancy if I left.  So I went in.  It was nothing
like I expected.  I was moved to my core by the kindness of your staff,
the dignity I was treated with, and the generous help that I received
while there.  My daughter and I were encouraged to have fun, we were encouraged
to make this a positive experience, and we were made to feel very special.
My daughter was over the moon with the selections that she picked out for
herself–she spent half the time she was there kissing her new clothes and
giggling like a silly person.  She loves everything she got and loves
having a choice about what to wear to school.  She has spent most of this
week trying to convince me that it really is cool enough to wear her new
sweaters.  I cannot begin to explain to you what 10 long sleeved
shirts/sweaters and a winter coat did to help us out.  It also gave me a
chance to talk with my daughter about helping out others in need.  I am
thankful beyond words so I will end this the same way I started.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.




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Michelle Caskey’s Family

Michelle has three sons 16, 12, and 7 years-old respectively. They are all full of energy and very inventive boys who would not be slowed down for anything but their 17th month old little sister. From the moment these kids walked in the door they took to the task of building things with what they could find in our toy area; yet they would find ways of gently incorporating their little sister into the game.  The bond between these kids is not an ordinary one; it is a bond that has been strengthen by tough times. Michelle’s husband has had five heart attacks and is currently on dialysis. To make matters worse, they lost his disability money a few months ago.  Yet Michelle was not discouraged she expects that things will look up once she starts working again!

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Client Story



Maria Samaniego’s Family:
Providing for five kids is not easy for Maria, especially when you have a household full of ‘fashionitas.’  Maria’s kids had so much fun shopping at A Precious Child that they put on a fashion show  of their own!  All five of them walked out with outfits they could not wait to show off at school. This is what we are all about at APC. For  them, those clothes, shoes and accessories made the difference between feeling singled out at school to walking in with confidence, ready to take on what ever obstacles come their way.

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A Different World

Looking back at the times I would go back-to-school shopping, I can’t help but smile.  I
always enjoyed the smell of fresh binders and notebooks, picking out new
pencils and pens, and choosing a new backpack for the year.  The beginning of each school year provided a
sense of starting over, being able to set and accomplish new goals, make new
friends, and participate in new activities.
It’s a sense of not knowing, but excitement for what’s to come.

However, seeing the world from my perspective—is not the
same for all.  Many children cannot
prepare for back-to-school items such as clothes and supplies.  They aren’t excited for the first day of
school to meet new people or learn.  They
are stuck having to use recycled items from the year before, or go to school
with nothing at all.  It’s like being
backed into a corner, surrounded by bullies, and there’s no way to get out
without a few scrapes and bruises.  As a
student your image is degraded to “poor” or “unworthy,” you’re no longer
accepted in the group of friends you once associated or played with because you
wear the same clothes day after day.

Working at A Precious Child you get to see the smile on a
child’s face after picking out a new wardrobe or receiving a backpack filled
with school supplies.  It’s a great
feeling to see a smile on a child’s face after choosing their own clothes or
receiving a backpack.  To know you are
part of the reason for that child’s smile is even better.  The work that A Precious Child accomplishes
entices you to help out and join the cause.
I am absolutely happy to be a part of A Precious Child and am excited to
have received this wonderful opportunity.

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My Experience as A Precious Child volunteer

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with A Precious Child.  I began my volunteering journey not knowing much about the organizations that existed, and how much they truly help.  Yes, I knew there were organizations and that they helped, but that was basically the extent of my knowledge.  I was lucky to have found this organization; not only have I learned a lot about what it takes to help people, but I have learned how much one organization can inspire and change the lives for those in need for the better. 
Not only is the idea of helping children in need a great one, the way A Precious Child goes about it is truly amazing.  Families come in and are able to be comfortable and get the whole shopping experience they deserve (for no charge).  Children are able to come in to a very well organized and maintained shopping area (one that rivals any department store), pick out what they want, play, and enjoy.  Parents are able to come in, grab some things for themselves, and gain pride for being able to provide for their children’s needs. 
Being a child can be a brutal experience, even if you are fortunate enough to have everything you need, but being a child whose parents or guardians aren’t able to afford them a jacket in the winter can be unbearable.  Luckily, this organization exists for those children.  Not only does A Precious Child provide families with toys, sports equipment, clothing, school supplies, and necessities, but they are also able to provide families with pride and self esteem – something that everyone needs to survive. 
My experience has been an eye opener, and I have learned so much.  I have seen how much can be accomplished when people care and are determined to make a difference, as well as how much a difference on organization can make.  I am proud to have been a small part of this organization, and I will continue to promote it long after my volunteer hours are done. 
Laney Loftin
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